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Telling the Story: How to Write and Sell Narrative Nonfiction

"TELLING THE STORY  is an invaluable resource for anyone grappling with a nonfiction project. It's smart, cogent and comprehensive."   Betsy Lerner, former editor, literary agent, and author of The Forest for the Trees An Editor's Advice to Writers

"In a publishing market where "narrative non-fiction" is looked on not just as a genre but as the holy grail, Peter Rubie steps forward to do what no one else has done before - define the craft and lay out precepts for new bestsellers."  John Silbersack, former VP HarperCollins, Senior Vice President Trident Media Group

'It is really excellent--by far the best (most informative, most readable and just the most useful) I've read on writing and selling N(arrative)N(on)F(iction), the "novel of true events" (I love that phrase!)." Leslie, Sharpe,  author, editor, Professor at Columbia University

The Elements of Storytelling

"I hope lots of young writers read your book and save themselves some time and effort." -- Peter Straub, Bestselling author of KOKO, and the HELL FIRE CLUB.

"a wonderful book...This is a must!" Matt Bialer, literary agent, Sanford Greenberger Agency


"Should be on every writer's bookshelf right between The Elements of Style and the thesaurus," Tom Colgan, Senior Editor, Berkley Books

"a model of the sound advice he gives, and every writer, newcomer and professional alike, will benefit from his insight." -- Richard Curtis, President of Richard Curtis associates, Inc.,

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The Writer's Market FAQs

Fast answers about getting published and  the business of publishing.  New from Writer's Digest Books. 
"Newly aspiring book authors have much to glean from Writer's Market FAQs," Jane Steinberg, 


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How to Tell a Story: The Secrets of Writing Captivating Tales (Writer's Digest Books)

[With Gary Provost]

The secrets of editing your own work. The first book about writing to directly discuss dramatic structure in fiction and narrative non-fiction. How to Tell a Story will show you how to transform your fiction, nonfiction or screenplay idea into a captivating tale sure to find an audience. In the stores now.


"a writing guide ... with authority," Publishers Weekly

"HOW TO TELL A STORY is a must for anybody who writes non-fiction or fiction -- television and screenwriters included." Hugh Wilson, creator of "WKRP in Cincinnati," director of "The First Wife's Club."

"a most useful book ... I recommend it highly." Roderick Thorp, bestselling author of River, Die Hard, and Detective.

Other Reviews 

Hispanics in Hollywood (iFilm) [With Luis Reyes]

Los Hispanos en Hollywood (Random Espanol)

Illustrated. An encyclopedia of film and television that focuses on the personal stories of the Hispanic men and women who have made movies and movie history, both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. Introduction by Rita Moreno and Anthony Quinn.


"Hispanics in Hollywood ... is scholarly yet accessible [and]... puts the spotlight on a vital link to Hollywood's past, present, and future."  Jimmy Smits

"[The authors] have researched, chronicled and assembled an amazing narrative worthy of celebration."  John Leguizamo 

Werewolf  (Longmeadow Press)

A dark psychological thriller set during the Blitz of World War II London. Police Sergeant George Llewellyn must find a serial killer targeting children, hiding in the bombed out ruins of the East End of London, before all hell lets lose!

"an inspired idea." Kirkus Reviews

"[a] compelling take on one of horror's most enduring monsters. Vividly reinventing Blitz-strafed London with an intriguing twist, .... Sure to please devotees of the wolfman."
Publishers Weekly

"The last thing you needed in wartorn London was a full moon. The very last thing you needed was what went with it! Peter Rubie's work bites!" Brian Lumley, (author of The Necroscope Series)

"Werewolf ... is a first class job, chock full of wonderful British atmosphere, solid characterization and keen, non-grossout action." William F. Nolan, (author of Logan's Run; The Black Mask Mysteries, others)

"Peter Rubie combines an accurate view of blacked out wartime London with Gothic Horror...that echoes the Scottish Legend and the great Hollywood movies." Colin Wilson, (author of The Outsider, others)

"Vivid. a real page turner. ... an unusually strong sense of place...the dialog was especially crackling [and the]...characters ... were sharply defined." Laird Koenig, (author of The Little Girl Who Lives Down
the Lane, others)

Mindbender (Lynx) [Peter Rubie and James Cohen]

A terrorist and a cop, each with a paranormal power. Out of his mind he had fashioned a terrible weapon. Out of her mind she has found the only means to stop him. Loose in New York City they are two unseen, unstoppable forces with a clock counting down.

"an explosive psychic thriller." Ingram's

"It's pace is fast and it builds to a terrific conclusion... The ending is a page turner." West Coast Review of Books.